The road is a great place of adventure, wonder, and mystery. It is also a great place of boredom, frustration, and disappointment. When its first three attributes aren’t quite as prominent, travelers have numerous means of dealing with the latter three attributes.  For thousands of years, musicians, salesmen, soldiers, and freight-haulers have long looked to books, booze, loose women, dice, and cards as a distraction from the pain of traveling.

More times than not, these distractions have caused more pain than they have relieved. Hell, just read the Odyssey. In the last year however, I have adopted a new vice to ease the boredom and stress of the road. I realized that after fifteen years of playing music professionally and traveling extensively, I have not taken advantage of the numerous opportunities that I have had to fish in new waters.  After rededicating my life to fishing this year, I have decided to remedy this tragedy. This blog is dedicated to that task.

In the forthcoming posts, you will read a lot about fishing, the road, some music, perhaps a little college football, and a fair bit of how I see the world.  I will do my best to adopt more brevity than Homer,  but I will warn you that I love to tell stories. For those wondering if these stories are true, I will say two things: first, it is in fact true that these are stories; second, I am a fisherman.

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